Jenny Vesimäki enjoys her winter holiday at the Ylläs ski resort. 20/02 2011

Krister reacts after Finland wins the Ice Hockey World Cup. 16/5 2011

A military police protects his sector in the Redi shopping centre during a military exercise. Helsinki 3/2 2002

Boys celebrate May Day at Makasiinit. Helsinki 30/4 2006

Mr Lordi speaks at press conference after Eurovision win in Athens. 20/5 2006

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä was almost run over by MTV’s cameraman Aki Blomberg at the Centre Party’s Council meeting in Riihimäki. 27/4 2019

Rat catches a sausage on Hämeentie, Helsinki. 1/6 2006

Jari Hämäläinen cycled 14 kilometres in 12 degrees below zero. From the series Winter cyclists. Helsinki 5/2/2021

Sirpa spent May Day at a Zoom meeting in Ullanlinnamäki. Covid restrictions prevented traditional May Day celebrations. 1/5 2020

11-year-old ski jumper Toni Kokkonen prepares to run. Helsinki 10/7 2007

Anneli and Matti enjoy Burger King Whopper meal with Colas in Porvoo. From the series Corona Take Away. 8/5 2020