Staff at a clinic near the front line in southern Ukraine try to save the life of a soldier injured by a mine. When he is brought in, it is 20 minutes since the tourniquet was put on, 32 since the explosion. He is suffering from severe blood loss. 15/10 -22
ISIS set Qayyarrah oil wells on fire. Iraq, Nov 2016

Blackhawk helicopter lands at the outpost of the Estonia’s infantry unit in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province. 9/4 2010

The sirens alerting Kiev citizens to the danger of Russian air strikes.16/4 2022

Finns “Jonna” and “Heli” at the Kurdish-run al-Hol camp in northeastern Syria. 13/12 2019

A man named Ausur Rehman fishes in the Jamuna River, which has a toxic white foam on its surface. Delhi, India 25/11 2019

Islamic Jihad fighters, Gaza city 12/8 2005

An unexploded rocket fired by the Russians in Hostomel, Ukraine. 14/4 2022

Staff sergeant Matt Merced plays football with the children of Sheikh Munder in the Iraqi countryside northwest of Baghdad. 9/4 2008

The mattress in is placed in front of Sasha and Nika’s bedroom window in Zaporizhzhya in case of air strikes. Ukraine 15/5 2022

Egyptian riot police at Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo day before wide-spread protests. 27/1/2011

Elementary school kids wear radiation hoods on their way to school. Tokyo, Japan 18/3 2011

Charlie Company’s team Demons patrol in Agur Quf. Iraq 4/11 2008

Youssuf was kicked in the head by Belarusian soldiers as he tried to cross the border from Belarus into Poland. 12/11 2021